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Race Timing for Duathlon Series Race 1
Posted: 05 June 2013 05:50 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Race Timing for Duathlon Series Race 1

Dear WSTC members,

I regret to inform you that there will be no results published for Race 1. Due to technical difficulties with the timing equipment no results were saved and there was no backup system in place.

We are all deeply disappointed and extremely embarrassed by this situation. Whilst we are confident that the problems with the system have now been identified and are working hard to have it rectified for the next race there is nothing we can do to create timing results for Race 1.

As a triathlete and a competitor I understand how upsetting this is and as a consolation to all athletes who are affected, they will receive a 50% discount off any one of the remaining races in the current duathlon series.

I would also like to thank Austin Parker for his patience and hard work in tracking down the problem. (It appears that there is a small battery within the unit that needs replacing once every 3 or 4 years that was unknown to us, was not documented and has no warning or indication!!)

We are very sorry about this and will ensure the timing is operating properly for race 2 and subsequent races and we will run a backup system just in case.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Whyte