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For a limited time, Triathlon Training Solutions (TTS) has reduced the cost of its 70.3 race specific performance training program down to $99 for WSTC members.

This 70.3 race specific performance program includes comprehensive swim, bike and run training session instructions and you can also add an optional 8 week core strength and conditioning program to complete your training package at a cost of only $40.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing this 70.3 race specific training program has been designed by an accredited Triathlon Australia coach with 20 years of multi sport experience, including multiple 70.3 & Ironman finishes, using proven contemporary modern day training principles that have helped 70.3 & Ironman athletes achieve PB’s.

$99 is a small price to pay to put an end to the excessive high volume training approach still used by many athletes that generally leads to tiredness, soreness, fatigue, over training and places great stresses on the immune system and start developing proper motor skills, technique, strength and speed for improved performance.

TTS is also offering WSTC members the opportunity to review and refresh their beginner program to suit their individual needs at a discounted cost of $15 per week or a review and refresh of the entire program for the following costs:

8 week Introductory - $80.00
10 week Sprint Distance - $100.00
12 week Olympic Distance - $120.00
12 week Half Marathon - $120.00
16 week 70.3 Program - $160.00
16 week Ironman Program - $160.00

If you want a new or refreshed training approach that has put the fun back into training and helped other triathletes achieve PB’s, then give me on call on 0423 712 692 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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