Triathlon Rules and Regulations

Race Competition Rules (RCR) are essential to maintaining a quality level of competition for participants of the sport, so the rules are reviewed and updated on an annual basis to reflect the ever-evolving conditions of our sport.

The modules below provide details as to specific bodies Rules and Regulations. WSTC fit under the umbrella of Triathlon Australia and Triathlon Victoria and therefore adhere to these parent bodies rules for local club events. These rules and regulation can be viewed via the links to the manuals and videos below.

Events outside the WSTC domain such as Ironman, Challenge etc provide rules specific to their events - while they would be almost identical there maybe some differences and it is the responsibility for each competitor to familiarise themselves with the specific events rules and on the day rules.

Triathlon Australia Rules and Regulations
Ironman Rules and Regulations
Triathlon Drafting Rules and Regulations